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Makeup Essentials Bundle - 12pcs

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12.000 KWD 20.000 KWD

Products Included:

  1. Sunisa Foundation
  2. Dear Darling Etude Water Tint 
  3. Elizabeth Helen Eyeliner 
  4. Essence False Lash Mascara
  5. Essence Eyelash & Eyebrow Gel mascara 
  6. Zilin Eyebrow Soap 
  7. Paris Eyeshadow Pallete - 15 shades 
  8. Colorpop Highlighter Pallete - 8 shades 
  9. Ever Beauty Cheek and Lips Magic Blush  
  10. Kiss Beauty Grape Extract Magic Lipstick 
  11. Kiss Beauty Orange Extract Magic Lipstick 
  12. Makeup Blending Sponge.