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Clothes of Skin Concealer Stickers To Cover Acne Scars Waterproof Breathable Flaw Concealing Tape

2.000 KWD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Covers tattoos, birthmarks, scars, bruises, severe acne and any flaw. Free to cut: Conforms to the exact shape of your tattoo.Ultra-thin, flesh-colored seal. The semi-transparent tape perfectly blends into your skin color as invisible.

Made of breathable and skin-friendly material with strong adhesive. 1 tape last for 1 weeks(Depending on proper care)

Highly flexible: Perfectly fit to stick on any part of your body like arms, legs, face, fingers, hands, neck, back etc.

Waterproof, smudge and smear proof, long lasting.

How to use?

  1. Please clean the skin and keep the skin dry before sticking
  2. Slowly tear off the white paper film and align it with the covered parts
  3. Press and hold the middle section first
  4. After fully fitting, slowly tear off the surface transparent film

Suitable for Any Skin Type