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Eelhoe Eyebrow Styling Wax - 7gm

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1.900 KWD 3.000 KWD


Define and sculpt your eyebrows effortlessly with the EELHOE Eyebrow Styling Wax – a 7gm grooming essential for achieving perfectly shaped and long-lasting brows
Sculpted Brows: EELHOE's Eyebrow Styling Wax is your secret weapon for achieving well-defined and sculpted eyebrows. Shape and groom your brows with ease for a polished and put-together look.

Natural Hold: Enjoy a natural hold that keeps your eyebrow hairs in place without stiffness. This styling wax provides a flexible hold, allowing for natural movement while maintaining the desired shape.

Easy Application: The compact size and convenient applicator make it easy to apply the wax precisely to your eyebrows. Achieve your desired shape with precision and ease.