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Eye and Face lifting Band/Strap ( 4+1 FREE ) For Anti Wrinkle & Younger Looking Face

6.000 KWD 7.500 KWD

  • Invisible Design: Breathable, comfortable to use instant lifting strap for the face, Eye, and neck. It is completely invisible and you cannot see the band after assembly. It creates  a V-shaped beautiful looking face.
  • Waterproof Design: Waterproof, can be used when bathing, invisible, natural, waterproof, flexible, can be adjusted according to your needs. Comfortable and lasts all day.
  • Easy to Use: Make sure you do not have any make-up on your face before use. Then apply one adhesive side to two skin areas of your choice to ultimately tighten them and achieve a firming effect.
  • Note: Keep your face clean and dry before using it, please don't wet your face or make up before pasting it.
  • The face lift stickers can instantly lift the sagging skin around the face, effectively lift and tighten the face, make the chin and face thinner.

Instructions on How to use?

  1. Fixed Buckle : Fix the buckle on both the sides of the bun and adjust the angle. 
  2. Adjust Elasticity : Find the length that suits you.
  3. Comb Hair : Simply take care of your hair and it's done.