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Modelling Comb - Second Generation For Men

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3.000 KWD

Your hair and beard reveal more about your personality than you might think! Men’s straightening comb, designed exclusively to smooth out your hair for an effortlessly soft finish.

The function of a hairbrush with the power of heat so you can restore your beard and hairstyle to more masculine and perfectly groomed in just 30 seconds.

  • No damage to your beard: This beard straightening device leverages negative-ion technology to prevent heat damage
  • Heat barrier design: Bristles that glide effortlessly across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
  • Long-lasting, effortless style: Quality performance ensures that the styled result is long-lasting, easy-to-achieve and takes only minutes to touch up, even with the roughest, coarsest hair
  • Multi-use, beard and hair: When your beard is looking pristine, it's the perfect tool for touching up head hair too!
  • Quick heating: Get the desired temperature in 15 seconds, ideal for a quick evening touch up
  • Lightweight and ergonomic: Comfortable and controllable for detailed styling