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MQ Herbal Knee Patches For Knee Joint Relief (12 pcs)

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3.000 KWD

MQ Herbal Knee Patches relieves pain quickly in knee joints. Keep warm, promote blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieve pain. Mild & Gentle Heated. Slow release, no burning sensation. 

Usage: Wash with warm water, wipe dry, and then apply to the affected area. After applying, gently press around to make the applied area smooth, and apply for 12 hours.

Natural ingredients: Knee pain relief patches are made from natural and organic wormwood roots and herbs. Due to its warmth and anti-inflammatory properties, the patch relieves pain and swelling. 

Knee Relief Patch: Herbal ointment is widely used and trusted in many countries in the world. They are a natural and miraculous solution to relieve pain, including menstrual cramps, joint pain, lymphatic drainage, neck pain, low back pain, stomach pain and migraine, other muscle and knee pain.

Convenient to carry: The boxed wormwood knee patch is easy to carry and use; you can cut the patch into any size that fits the painful area. Package includes: 12Pcs/Box


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