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PUREDERM Galaxy Peeloff Mask 10gm

1.000 KWD

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  • Gold peel-off mask gently peels away impurities and dead skin cells.
  • 5 DIFFERNET TYPE: Gold, propolis and royal jelly extract provide rich nutrition and moisture to the rough and frizzy skin, creating a smooth skin.
  • PURYFYING PEEL-OF MASK: Mineral water quickly replenishes the moisture energy of your skin, helping to keep your tried skin healthy and vigorous. Feel the magic of Purederm's Glitter mask!
  • How to use : 1. Before use, Please rub the surface or the pouch to mix the contents well. 2. Thoroughly cleanse face. 3. Open sachet(or cap) and apply the mask in thin & even layer. 4. Leave for approximately 15 minutes until it has completely dried, then slowly peel off (never Pull) the mask starting from the bottom of your face. 5. Rinse with water to remove any residue..
  • Imported from USA.

Product description: 5 type of purederm galaxy peel-off mask
series is created for your skin that shines like the light of the