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PUREDERM Dual Shaping Face Line Patch

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2.000 KWD

It is a total face-line care patch that tightly holds the entire face line from the cheekbones to the front chin and the flesh of the lower jaw. The lifting effect can be doubled as it is designed to be hung twice in the ear by dividing the upper and lower part. 

  • It is a Fabric with excellent elasticity and resilience, which effectively helps in applying active ingredients to the skin. 
  • It doesn't contain animal or animal derived ingredients. Contains Vegan Collagen and peptides that rejuvenate the skin and refine face line. In addition, Herb Complex makes the skin healthier and more moist. 


  1. Throughly clean the face. 
  2. After opening the pouch, taking out the patch, remove the rear transparent film.
  3. Apply the patch with the shiny side facing your skin. Align the perforated area at the top of the patch with your mouth, pull both ends and hang them on your ears.
  4. Likewise, pull both ends of the bottom of the patch and hang them on your ears.
  5. Wear the patch for 20-30 minutes and remove slowly.