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V fox Face Lift Tools Thin Face Band

5.000 KWD

V fox Face Lift Tools Thin Face Bandage which adopts physical lifting and shaping, no side effects, long-term use of firming skin, effective improvement of wrinkles, double chin, achieving the purpose of face-lifting.

The product uses light and breathable fabric, so you don’t feel sultry in the summer. Do not use it when there is a wound in the covered area.

Increase air pressure, stronger pulling force. Physically adjust face shape for greater safety. Hemming cut, wear more comfortable. Can be adjusted according to individual needs. Do not fall asleep while wearing.


  1. Closed double airbag pressurization, correction effect is 5 times that of ordinary thin face belt
  2. three straps fixed, more accurate correction
  3. elastic breathable fabric, light and breathable, four seasons universal
  4. soft inflatable ball, inflatable is effortless
  5. save time, use 30 minutes a day