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Dr. Rashel Argan Oil Nourishing Steam Hair Mask

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1.500 KWD 3.000 KWD


Unveil the secret to luscious, revitalized locks with Dr. Rashel's Argan Oil Nourishing Steam Hair Mask. This hair care miracle offers a transformative experience, replenishing and rejuvenating your hair from root to tip.

Enriched with the potent benefits of argan oil, this nourishing hair mask deeply hydrates and repairs damaged strands. Its unique steam-infusion technology ensures maximum absorption, allowing the argan oil's rich nutrients to penetrate deeply, restoring moisture and boosting hair elasticity.

Perfect for all hair types, this mask leaves your locks luxuriously soft, manageable, and radiantly healthy. Bid farewell to dry, lackluster hair and welcome the brilliance of Dr. Rashel's Argan Oil Nourishing Steam Hair Mask for hair that exudes vitality and shine.