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Jardin Flamingo Moroccan Soap Liquid with loofah 500gm - Soft & Clean Skin - Suitable for all skin types

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3.500 KWD 5.000 KWD

Benefits :

*Moroccan Soap Liquid helps to exfoliate the dead skin and makes it smoother and more lustrous, as it is able to remove impurities,

*It has good skin moisturizing properties.

*Moroccan soap contributes to the deep cleaning of the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells, making the skin softer and brighter.

*It is rich in vitamin E, which increases blood and lymph circulation, in addition to its antimicrobial properties

How to Use :

Wash your body with warm water . Apply the cream soap and leave to absorb for 5- 10 minutes . Rinse with clean water.