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MOKERU Ginger Essence Hair Dye Shampoo ( Black & Brown) 500ml

3.500 KWD 5.000 KWD

This shampoo is

•Ammonia Free,

•Easy to use, just turn white hair into black within 5 mins.

•Natural Healthy Herbal Formula Hair Dye 100% Pure natural Ginger

•No harm to Skin

•Magic black hair magical in 5-7 mins

•No allergy to hair and scalp

•Cleanses, refreshes, soothes, and helps clear flakes


1.Put on the gloves.

2.Push out the ingredients from bottle, please make sure two kind of ingredients get out from mouth together.

3. Mixing two ingredients on the palm.

4. Apply the ingredients on white ( gray) hair, massage the hair same with normal shampoo using. 

5.After 5-10 minutes (based on man or women long hair ),then wash hair with clear water.