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Toppik Hair Building Fiber 27.5 gm

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9.000 KWD 12.000 KWD

  • Natural Hair Fibers: Hair building fibers are made of natural, colored keratin fibers, the same protein that makes up human hair.
  • A natural keratin microfiber based treatment, Simply choose the hair thickener fibers shade you think will most closely match your natural hair color.
  • This allows each hair to look thicker.
  • Easy To Apply: Shake fibers over desired areas and pat gently to set in place for a noticeably thicker look, instant scalp coverage, and a fuller finish that lasts all day. sweat, and water-resistant hair fiber lock tightly onto existing hair for outstanding hold.
  • Instructions: Shake the hair fibers liberally over desired areas with the bottle opening facing completely downward.
  • Don’t worry about any fibers falling into surrounding hair, as they will simply disappear.
  • Use your spare hand to guide during application or use a mirror to see the areas to be enhanced. Then gently pat your hair to disperse fibers throughout the area.