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TOPPIK Hair Perfecting Tool Kit - Hair Building Fiber 27.5 grams + Fiber holding Spray 118ml + Spray Applicator-Black

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12.000 KWD 15.000 KWD

The Toppik Tools Hair Perfecting Tool Kit is an affordable set that contains all the resources to create a natural and soft look through the Hair Building Fibers. The Toolkit consists of the Spray Applicator, which is a handy tool for accurately spraying and distributing the Hair Building Fibers over the hair. Finally, there is also the Hair Fiber Holding Spray which, thanks to its soft mist with advanced cosmetic quality resin, gives a perfect fixation to the haircut.


Attach Toppik Tools Spray Applicator to the Hair Building Fibers and carefully apply the Hair Fibers to the areas of thin hair. Use Fiber Spray as a fixation so that the style is water resistant and gets a soft, natural look.


  • PREMIUM hair fibers- Get thick and full hair so that you feel confident, beautiful and attractive again.

  • Made from 100% pure cotton- The fibers are plant-based, non-irritating and lightweight, so you can always use them. So NO KERATIN and NO ANIMAL MATERIALS!

  • Applied in 20 seconds- You can touch up your hair during make-up or styling without any extra effort.

  • Static microfibers- They stay in your hair in any weather, so you never have to worry about your hair again. Set and forget.

  • 100% Invisible and natural-People can't tell the difference, so you feel good about your hair and yourself again.