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Hydra Needle Roller 64 Needles - 0.5mm

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2.500 KWD 5.000 KWD


Hydra needle roller bearing is to stimulate collagen production and increase absorption of skin care products. It is a micro-needle device for delivering cosmeceutical and hair growth solution into the skin by rolling the tip on your skin. The micro-needles have the same thickness as hair and pierce the skin painlessly. The special spiral system designed on each micro-needle which allows the serum to flow into the skin using less of your valuable serums and enhancing the effects.


•Easy and Painless
•Self Therapy
•Rapid treatment and effects
•Very effective delivery of serums
•Medical stainless steel with hypoallergenic gold plated micro-needles
•Sterilized packaging
•Stimulates collagen

Great for:
►Tightening of the skin
►Acne scars
►Fine lines & wrinkles
►Reducing pore size


►Wash skin with warm water.
►Soak the top of the applicator vial for 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
►Put serum into the applicator vial, put the top back on and shake 2-3 times.
►Remove the safety hygiene cover.
►Roll on the treatment area in a back and forth motion 4-5 times. Be sure to roll it up, down and side to side to get complete coverage of the treatment area.

Important Do’s and Dont’s:

►Wash the treatment area prior to use
►Sterilize the unit before and after each use
►Don’t use thick serums, consistency should be similar to olive oil
►Use just a few drops of serum per treatment
►Be sure the device is vertical when using so the serum comes out evenly
►Simply roll the device across the skin, back and forth 4-5 times
►Be sure to keep even speed and pressure over the treatment area
►If you have serum on your skin after the treatment just rub it into the skin
►After treatment do not wash the treatment area for a few hours
►Use for one individual only, do not share the device with other people